Looks like this exercise is more than mere convenience and vanity. Our assignment this week:

We will be asking you to write a Feedback Journal on your experience of editing the wiki. This will encompass your collaborative editing experience of the Weeks Page as well as the rest of the course wiki. We encourage you to begin keeping notes or a journal for yourself about this since it will be a long-term experience over the course of the semester. We will be asking for Feedback Journals on each of the technologies we use in the course. The purpose of these journals will be to evaluate the characteristics of the particular technology as a medium of expression. Is it easy to use? What kind of expression does it encourage? What kind of expression does it discourage? Is it a useful tool for education? That sort of question and whatever else you find interesting about it.

Considering the nature of the course, it is likely that the url for this blog will suffice. I have come a long way since undergrad.

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