LiveBlogging the FCC Conference Part III


Q: Best case scenario network?

A: Their business follows broadband – hence a lot of oportunity in Asia (i.e. China and Japan) Can work when we understand what is being done to them.  They rely on the structure of the internet to habndle things like basic congestion control.  has been functioning for a long time with Forsythe’s protocols. That is where the purview of basic communications take place.

Q: Is that the basis or one of the points of BitTorrent Technology?

If they can develop technology that works with cable, they will have a competitive advantage. because it is a closed commercial servcive they have innovated a lot in the area.

Q: If your protocol were not to work on a specific type of network, and they were to adopt a disclosure of this – we have public disclosure requirement on food, even though it is competitive, how would you feel about such a requirement?

A: There is considerable disclosure on the function of bittorrent.

Q: Is the application developer or the network operator the one who ought to be adapting?  The expectation is that if you have internet service, your app can function regardless of who is providing it. it is like telling people n ot to speed, but not disclosing the speed limit.  What is missing here from the current disclosures is there is no way for the applicaitons to conform becaus there is no alternative information being provided.  Not a simple problem to solve, but there need sot be more back and forth about how they are expected to behave.

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