LiveBlogging the FCC Conference

* Eric Klinker, Chief Technology Officer, BitTorrent 

Comcast has introduced the idea of blocking BitTorrent.  The speaker is dicussing the potential of this medium to have beneficial uses for the ‘net.  It has many legitimate uses, including those companies that use it as a free distribution stream for their content, like Fox and Warner.  Blocking this technology under the mantle of ‘network maintance’ would block the potential development that we might see in this area.

There is a lot of congestion on the network, though.  but this is evidence that we are no country for old Broadband. Survival of the ‘net as a whole means that content providers are transparent in the way they deal with the internet.  He wishes there were a way to do this without regulation.

David Reed: (Adjunct Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab) Network Management of High-Speed internet providers.

Potential for worldwide internet to work for all users.  Datagram – there are only four items stamped on the outside: origination address, destination address, protocol indicator, and the directions for how it should be delivered. The content is inside the envelope – this is crucial to the nwtorks ability to adapt to new techniques.

Content is meaningful only to the sending and receiving hosts.  When congestion becomes extreme in autonomous systems it is common to discard the envelope – the sender is responsible for retransmitting the content in a new envelope.

Responsibility for indicating priority s part of this particular TCP. Comcast secretly used a different system.  Proviers must use standard mechanisms – it it doesn’t like them it has to bring its problem to the IEPF along with proposed solutions.   When they participate, they agree to do so according to the standards of the internet as a whole.

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