Patent Law News Roundup

Apple Sued Over ITunes Technology
These articles seem aimed at the general public, not law geeks. So I did a little research. It appears that this is regarding United States Patent 7.343,414

In other news, Activision’s “Guitar Hero” violates patent: Gibson which appears to concern Patent 5,990,405 After reading this, non-lawyer hubby Vinny and I had a long debate. He came up with the idea that by licensing use of Gibson guitars in the game, they had de facto ratified the software – perhaps waiving claims? I played devil’s advocate. I thought perhaps that if it was being examined equitably, or holistically, a judge might recognize the separation of the elements of licensing the guitar and policing patent rights – the former being done by the marketing folks, and the latter by an outside firm.

While there is no legal decision on the subject, Activision seems to agree with Vinny. The news came out after he had set forth the theory, confirming that the guy who sat in on fewer than a dozen law classes has a killer instinct for the subject. Ask me some-time about his mutual mistake theory for common-law implied obligations in marital contracts.

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