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Podcast Again

Posted in cyberlaw, Cyberlaw Project, podcast on November 8th, 2006

I should also add a link to the class podcast blog:

Which includes the podcasts of the student participants, including the extension school students. It seems a lot of people have chosen issues within cyberlife to advocate – which I suppose makes sense – the cyber medium of presentation will be especially apt. However, I am having trouble getting invested in these issues as a listener. I suppose I just find real-world issues more compelling. Is this evidence of a problem we discussed earlier – the inability to perceive it as real?

Maybe so, but the fact that I have been through these discussions and thought about these issues may indicate that I have considered them, then made up my mind about where my values lie.

Podcasting – Take Two.

Posted in cyberlaw, Cyberlaw Project, podcast on November 7th, 2006

It appears that the later option – hosting it here – isn’t a realistic option. Each address is permitted one blog. Which means that when this course is over – I’ll either have to erase it, forego another opportunity to use it, or attempt to gracelessly transition it to another blog. I’ll probably do the last one.

But while I am waiting, I might as well upload the files I have created for the new podcast:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4 – class project

Episode 5


Posted in blogs, cyberlaw, Cyberlaw Project, podcast on November 7th, 2006

Our projects are starting to take shape. I am rehashing the assignment from before in order to tailor it better to the goal of empathetic argument. This is especially apt for my project, since empathy with the other side is all around. What argument requires more empathy than one that is – ostensibly – anti-child? Although I am choosing a moderate position and topic – equal benefits for childless workers – the opposition is still essentially the pro-parent pro-child lobby.

To that end, I have created this week’s podcast – what I believe is the 11th and final take. Download it here.

I do like the idea of podcast as a medium. I would be happy to start a blog for my project, but I’ve been running one for over a year now to a similar end – involving the childfree community in an aggregation of information and commentary. I don’t think that my single issue would make for a distinct blog, nor for that matter, a distinct podcast.

The trouble with creating a podcast instead is that it has been done – and done well. The childfree community is nascent, and still only has a few major organizations behind it. However, it has a great zine and a fantastic podcast. I would not want to duplicate their efforts.

However, as Adult Spaces addresses news (as does my blog) I could create a complimentary podcast to focus just on issues. There is still zero organization toward that end – just disjointed commentary on various discussion boards, and one very well-written book. (Burkett – the Baby Boon)

Right now I’m just running into some technical difficulties. The obvious choice for hosts would be Harvard – but does my blog access expire when I graduate? I would not want this to be a project with an expiration date. I attempted to host it on the same account as my main blog, but I currently can’t find a way to upload mp3 files. Hopefully as I sort out these issues, my plan will be refined.