rorw4w a success!

October 21st, 2009

The Ruby on Rails Workshop for Women event that I spent the last two months organizing went flawlessly!  Teachers, Sarah Allen compared the event to the Stone Soup fable and Andy Gregorowicz wrote about the workshop from his perspective. The tweet stream was also fabulously positive.

Here’s some of the feedback received:

So cool that folks travelled to Boston from as far away as PA to attend Ruby on Rails Workshop for Women!!

…it makes a huge difference to be able to ask someone stupid ?s.

I like being able to say that I deployed my first Rails application today before lunchtime :) like running a half marathon.

Totally impressed with the amount of Ruby and Rails info the students absorbed.

I want to thank the teaching assistants at #rorw4w. You were never judgmental and always patient.

You know what’s a lot of fun? TAing at #rorw4w.

It was indeed entirely attitude-free, as promised – unique in my experience! I appreciated that so much, and I had a lot of fun, as well.

I was truly impressed with the number of ror rockstars in the Boston community who were willing to give up their weekend to help some newbies.  I have a new mantra:  MINSBRAN – Matz Is Nice So Boston Rubyists Are Nice.  I will never fear going to another boston.rb or hackfest event again.

Sarah mentions all the awesome volunteers by name in her blog post, so here I’ll thank Berkman folk for their support in making this happen: Urs Gasser, Colin Maclay, Amar Ashar, Carey Andersen, Seth Young, Catherine Bracy, Jason Callina, Brandon Palmen, Dharmishta Rood, Daniel Jones, and the Gender and Technology committee.  I should also thank our CRCS supporters, Margo Seltzer and Salil Vadhan.

Tonight we gather again at the Open Source Code Crunch event at the Berkman Center. This is going to be a monthly event promoting mixed gender collaboration. Programmers will meet monthly and use their skills towards open source projects in a welcoming, collaborative, attitude-free, newbie-safe environment.  Looking forward to it.

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