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July 28th, 2010

So for those of you who haven’t been following along, this is the inception of the Railscasts Project.

I recently watched the movie “Julie & Julia” and was inspired to create a fun, structured program to become a better developer.  If Julie Powell chose to cook all 524 recipes from Julia Child’s cookbook during a single year, I wondered if I could implement features from the 224 Railscasts episodes produced by Ryan Bates before RailsConf 2011.

Mind you, I’m a mother of two children under two and a half.  So, it’s not just my husband and my cat’s well being concerned here.

In fact, when I told my husband about this new endeavor of mine he said, “Are you crazy?”.  But when he saw my crestfallen look he said, “Go ahead, give it a shot.  What the hell.  I’ll put the kids to bed tonight.”

So, tonight I checked out Julie’s blog on blogs.salon.com.  Talk about boring!  I don’t mean the content, I mean the aesthetics of the blog site itself.  And what’s up with blogs.salon running really slow tonight?  Since it’s been a while since the movie has come out, I don’t understand why it’s taking minutes for the site to render.

Boo.  Pass.

I made a short, misguided commitment to weblog.com before I realized that I should just stay put and chronicle my exploits here on Geek Mama.  After all, we’ve got syntax highlighting!

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