An odd moment

December 1st, 2010

I find myself with an odd moment to blog about episode #28. And I do in fact find this topic odd.

There isn’t much to say about it. I mean, in_groups_of *is* a handy little method that will transform your array into groups, as you might think. And this is useful for displaying tables as demonstrated by Ryan in the screencast.

But really? *yawn*

I think I’m done with starting from the beginning of the railscasts. My company is transitioning to Rails 3 and Ryan has been blogging about it since February.

Since I really need to catch up, I think it’s time to skip. I can always come back to the older posts later, right?

After all, I’m sure Julie didn’t do all of Julia’s recipes in order. Didn’t she save the canard à l’orange recipe till last?

So folks, where do you think I should skip TO? Does Episode 200: Rails 3 Beta and RVM seem like the most likely place to start?

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