This blog is merely a commentary on the current issues in Singapore – notably the issues that are discussed within the local context and the blogosphere.

The writing style will be more point based, more direct and may not conform to one perspective of the events. I prefer to take as much as possible a balanced point of view on various issues that come forth.

The writer is a centrist moderate politically and believes in the view of holding two strong opposing views in the mind of the thinker and depending on the situation, cast the appropriate stream of thought.

It is not perfect, there will be flaws, there will be mistakes, there will be fallacies of logic and poor grammar and composition. I only ask that one considers the weakest points and gives strength to hone upon the final argumentation.

Commentary on various issues may not always be based upon up to date data or information, given as to the detached reality of the blogger. All the writer can say is that, he does care about Singapore and where it is headed.

The writer believes that a democracy needs a good system of checks and balances, that a certain degree of honest transparency towards the people is necessary. It is also assumed that a government that governs least and grants the maximal freedom and utility towards its citizens is a government that governs best.

Issues of note would be local politics, social issues, education, foreign affairs, development, income inequality and various other issues of interest. The writer will attempt tot justify with strong logic and powerful argumentation why certain views may be better than others. Otherwise, is more than willing to consider both perspectives and sides of an argument throughly before making a decision upon the issue at hand.