I’m still…somewhere.

I had the idea that Winter term would be less work than usual, instead of three times as much. Besides the trial advocacy workshop, I had journal work, an issue of the paper, and a looming moot court brief I haven’t written a word of. I haven’t written a word on the novel since my last post.

And I’m disappointed, but I still feel optimistic about the whole thing. I look forward to getting back to my family and story. I wish that were now, but I like what I’m doing, and I KNOW I’ll be writing again soon. I wish I had been a shining beacon of reliability, churning out 5 pages a week, but life happens, and I’m hardly defeated.

I’m in an immigration clinic this semester that will have me working on real asylum cases like Mili’s – I know a lot intellectually about asylum, and I’ve worked with asylees in intake and after they’ve already won, but never on the case itself. I have the feeling this is going to give me something amazing for Mili’s story. And maybe it’s good to soak in that information BEFORE I write 50 pages of factually incorrect stuff about her and have to go back and change it.

Hope I’ll have plenty of page counts to post here in the coming month.