Show and Tell

I’ve rejoined the writer’s group at HLS, and against my better judgment (or perhaps right along with it), I volunteered to be one of the people who shared writing the very first week. At the moment I did that, I thought to myself, “This will be easy. I’ll just send around chapter one of the novel and get feedback. I won’t even have to write anything new.”

I didn’t remember until later that day that Chapter One isn’t finished. The original first chapter I wrote got pushed back to a different point, and I started writing a new opening that was a little more immediate, and then forgot to finish. Chapter One is currently 9 pages of really good, but incomplete stuff.

So now I HAVE to make it work, at least well enough to share, in time to email it out Monday. On one hand, yikes, and on the other, I’m glad to have this kick in the pants. I’ve already made some good edits, and I’m pleased to be back in front of the words.