Chapter Two

I killed my truck’s engine outside ‘Ama’s house at five-fifty a.m. It was the Monday of my second week of work, and it was way too early – at this hour you could only hear a couple cars swoop down Ocean Boulevard, and three or four seagulls winging toward the water line. But ‘Ama got up exactly at six, and so my sisters and I had to get in there before she opened her eyes. I hauled my guitar case out of the back and met Becky at the curb, blinking sleepily behind her glasses.

Sorry for the absence – the moot competition was all-consuming. The writers’ group really responded well to the first chapter, which was very gratifying. They specifically praised the voice and the main character for being real and interesting – a GIANT relief since I’ve been terrified trying to write a 1st person male narrator was an extremely bad idea, and I feel much better about plugging on with that kind of feedback from basically neutral folks. I LIKE Mike, and I like writing him.

I’m sending them the 2nd chapter this week. It was nice to dive in and patch it back together. Chapter 2 used to be Chapter 1, so it needed some continuity and exposition-trimming work. I only wish I were forced to turn stuff in every week, since it’s been so hard to keep writing this semester without it. Hopefully now that the competition is over I can use the free(er) evenings to that purpose.

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  1. JM says:


    I just discovered your blog (via your main blog, via Planet 02138), and I wanted say how impressed I am with your dedication. I’m a 3L, and when I started law school I decided that what with being a fiancee/wife and a homeowner and a dog-owner and a law student, I should for sanity’s sake become a reading-only member of my writing group while I was in school. I’ve done a bit of writing during breaks, but for the most part I’ve been on hiatus. Of course, now I realize that I’m fooling myself if I think I’ll be any less busy after graduation. Being busy is really no excuse not to write. Thanks for the inspiration/kick in the pants! 🙂 And good luck with the book!