Here’s the deal: I’m writing a novel. This year.

Why, you might ask? For the usual reasons. To make something good and put it into the world. To say things I think are important. To see my name in print with a wider circulation than I’ve had. For a challenge. For a good time.

There are several complications. The first is that I am a full-time law student. You’ve heard the saying, yes? “First year they scare you to death, second year they work you to death, third year they bore you death.” Well, I’m starting that second year. I’m managing editor of the school newspaper, I’m in the a cappella group, and I run around doing various public interest-y things. And I’m married. But I want to do this anyway.

There are two other factors. One is that this is a giant undertaking and I will give up quickly if I don’t put a system in place. I’m human and lazy. The second is that I don’t want to write a really shitty novel that my mom will smile politely at and then will sit on my hard drive forever. (Actually, my mom would tell me if I wrote a shitty novel.) I want to write a “real” book that’s pretty decent.

The Little Mornings is part of the solution. This is my place to set goals and page counts that are humane but real, and stick to them. This is my place to bitch and whine when it’s not working, and cheer when it is. Every week I’ll post my progress. And the goal is this:

By one calendar year from now, July 20, 2007, I write a complete first draft of a novel totaling 275 pages.

I don’t expect a big following here: it just won’t be that fascinating. But if you’re reading, thank you. Post a smiley face when I’m having writer’s block and an existential crisis; it’ll mean a lot. Tell me what you’re working on so I can cheer you on too.

Let’s get started.

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