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Chapter One

I became Mili’s voice for the first time in April, back when she was just another intake at the Refugee Center. It was my first week as legal clinic interpreter, a sticky week in Los Angeles, when the heat and the dirt sat thinly over the city and soaked into your head and made your clothes all feel too tight. The moment I met her wasn’t anything special. Earlier that day I’d done my first interpretation for a full political asylum interview with a client, and broken out in a sticky sweat in the men’s staff bathroom afterward. That was the real event of the day.

The new Chapter 1 got finished and sent out to a dozen law students tonight. Scary. But it did require me to do some good edits and write a new 2-3 pages. Will report back on Wed. with how they took it.


Welcome to The Little Mornings. This site is shiny and pretty, thanks to the good people at the HLS Berkman Center, but it’s nothing more than a log of my attempt to write a literary novel in one calendar year. There’s lots of explanation about the site, my mission, and the title in the “Bienvenidos,” “Schedule,” and “What are TLM?” links above you, so please read.

This site isn’t Peanut Butter Burrito II. There will be no recipes, conversation logs, book reviews, or even law school rants. It’s only for page counts, writing progress, happy dances, and temper tantrums as I make my way toward my goal – or not. If you’re a friend, a writer, or someone who likes a little schadenfreude, then come back and visit me.

There probably won’t be posts more than twice a week, but we’ll see. Please tell me if any page or feed doesn’t work. Thanks for dropping in.
love, Andrea