What I think I learned is that there are many forms and interpretations of Islam, but there is one thing that seems to be frequent throughout, and that is of this real inspiration or spiritual experience — that is what makes it islamic. I wanted to make something almost as a tribute to the expansive proliferation of music and dance and art and sorts of styles. I incorporated some different types of motifs present in Islamic art. I started by writing Allah in the middle, as much of the art and stained glass we saw did. I took a geometric take to this “calligraphy” and used white as a background to highlight what is communicated in the shadah that there is only one true god, and the importance of believing in Him or being grateful to Him as a Muslim, Allah is central here, as is his relationship with people ant the world, etc.  Next I new I was going t ouse a pattern that wrap around the center.  I was aware of styles that are often used in Islamic art, but followed my own inspiration.


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