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A quote:

The project inspires us. Wikipedia is more than an encyclopedia. It’s more of an attempt at collecting all human knowledge. The fact that it’s being created by amateurs doesn’t matter – if they write long enough, they become professionals. And when they are not limited by space, enthusiasts can write great articles about any topic. I’m not afraid about the future of printed encyclopedia. Cinema did not kill theatre, television did not kill cinema, the Internet didn’t kill books, so the future of printed encyclopedia is also safe.

From Bartlomiej Kaczorowski, Editor-in-chief of PWN, Poland’s greatest print encyclopedia.  They also have a free-as-in-beer online version with all the content of their smallest printed edition.   Hopefully they are right, and the long and esteemed history of print encyclopedias, with its highly refined aesthetic, will find comfortable common ground with populist efforts to actually keep up with the modern flowering of information.

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