Panos puts it well

Through their fine reporting on the media bazaar.  
I have many posts to make and images to upload myself; for the moment
you will have to be content with theirs. 

Today I scoured the city for internet cafes (les publinets). 
I found two, of varying quality and elegance; charging $1-2/hr. 
both suffered from a “lack of resource” over the course of two hours —
the satellite connections through which their landline providers
connect to the internet were down.  Apparently this happens
often… I had heard rumors of it, but most telling was the acceptance
of others in the cafe who simply hung around waiting for the connection
to return.

I ended up finding access at a 4-star hotel with its own private
connection to the rest of the world.  Unfortunately, I don’t have
a room here, and have to leave the comfort of their lobby presently…

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