Reembering Push Singh

I spent today thinking about Push Singh, someone I have known for four years.  Every time we have met, I have come away struck by his thoughtfulness, his good nature, his giving smile, and the pleasure of speaking with him. He died last week; today there was a memorial in his honor at MIT.  I don’t usually cry at funerals — death is the most storied event in life, not necessarily a sad one — but found myself tearing up today as I hung outside the MIT chapel.

My thoughts are still with him, and with his family.  I wanted to walk up to them as they stood by the crosswalk waiting for the lights to turn; but I did not.

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  1. mako

    March 11, 2006 @ 6:27 pm


    There is a wiki page collecting rememberences of Push up on the Media Lab wiki. We’re going to make a book out of them to give to this family. Your thoughts and rememberences, even just the text you have here, would be greatly appreciated.

    The page is at:

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