you can’t escape the drama

Rule #1 of parting ways with one’s film / project / company : make a flashy exit.  It’s expected.  passing out letters to every coworker except an isolated few is ok; a surprise announcement at a large convocation, or in some other public place, is even better.  Bonus points for catching the fringe of a press conference, but calling your own ruins the whole thing.

Rule #2 : separation anxiety loves company.  remind everyone how invaluable you were.  explicit pointers to personal feats can’t hurt; some people have short memories.  leave a personal note for anyone who has indicated they wouldn’t know what to do without you.  don’t be mean; it’s more effective to be regretful.

Rule #3 : find a suitable fall-guy.  suggest that he/they are directly responsible for any troubles, not just your own.  personal dramas are so declasse.   make sure this is something fundamental, institutional, endemic.  If your company has many branches or regions, it should touch on all of them.   extend the analogy to previous companies touched by the same person or group; this is no place for understatement.

Rule #4 : exit early, exit often.  every transition is an opportunity, make the most of this one.  two Oprah appearances is too many, but you can have as many late-night television spots as you can stomach.

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