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ACDsee thumbnail mode crash

There was issue with my acdsee 3.x which installed in XP. I had used acdsee3.x for a while, at the beginning it worked great, then later on, when I browse files with thumbnail mode, it crashed every time. It was so frustrating, so I have uninstalled and reinstalled it, but that didn’t fix the problem.

Today I had googled the issue, and found the solution.

There are two files “ImageDB.dtf” and “ImageDB.ddf” that defaulted located in C:\Documents and Settings\yourusername\Application Data\ACD Systems\ACDSee. Exit acdsee (you make need to look up with “Windows Task Manager”), and deleted or remove them from that location. Run acdsee, the system will recreate the files back to same location.

9 Responses to “ACDsee thumbnail mode crash”

  • Thanks a lot! You helped me solve this annoying problem.

  • Thank you so much! I love ACDSee (been version 3.0 using it since Win98 days) so I was so depressed when it kept crashing on me today. I was already trying to find a suitable substitute because I thought an old program won’t get support anymore but luckily, I ran into your post and solved the problem. Thanks so much!

  • While using acdsee 3.1, whenever I would click on a folder, acdsee would exit (quit, crash).
    I tried lots of things before finding your blog. This fixed the problem!

  • Thank you so much! I tried a lot before, but you found the solution! I’m so happy!!!

    Sven from Germany

  • You are the SAVIOR, the one who protects the herd of elect who know that the will of god timelessly resides inside version 3.1

    Thank you!

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  • ACDsee thumbnail mode crash in administrator mode only ? I did the removal of the two files and rebooted acdsee then about a week later it is crashing again . Tried the fix again and still crashes but a search for the recreated files is showing nothing there ?
    I log on as different user and no problems, still can’t find the two files there either but its running fine ? So i created a folder and stole the acdsee icon and tried re inserting it in the administrator log on page and still crashes . I put it into some other log in pages and works fine ,i even stole the malfunctioning icon and installed it into another log in page and the thing runs fine ? It just doesn’t run under the main administrator log on page in thumbnail mode and i cant get it out of thumbnail mode now ,and i tried everything (i used to be able to open through mu comp files and start it there but no more ?)

  • The answer to the freezing of ACDSEE worked!! Many thanks!!

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