Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Egypt – The Best Attractions of Egypt

When planning to your Egypt tours, you’ll seek to explore so many attraction sites!

Here in Egypt, you will find new tourist attractions to discover and enjoy. Egyptian destinations are really stunning to experience exciting sightseeing adventures at the fascinating monuments. The adventure in Egypt never ends! That is why it is a shame if you visit Egypt, especially for the first time, and miss the spectacular sites, such as the Giza Pyramids, Abu Simbel temple or the landmarks of Luxor, to name but a few. There are so many tourists who visit directly to Upper Egypt to witness the landmarks of Luxor and Aswan, hoping that they will find the Pyramids as well, and then finally, they realize that they should travel 720Km to Cairo, where the famous pyramids are and end up paying $500 extra to travel and see one site, which is most probably about half of what they paid for their entire tour! So, dear traveler. You should plan well for your Egypt tours before you come. So if you seek for the best Egypt tours agency, then you should choose “Luxor and Aswan Travel” company because it provides the best vacations to explore Egypt with saving money, time and effort, and of course you will get to discover the mos Egypt attraction sites that you have been dreaming about for some time. Try, as much as possible, to explore as many of the places that your trip will allow! There is nothing worse than return back to the home and wishing you had visited somewhere you didn’t! We both know that you don’t get the chance to visit Egypt every day!

What To Visit In Egypt

Cairo City

Cairo features many of the beautiful attractions that you can’t miss during your trip to Egypt. Not only because it is the largest city there and the capital of Egypt, but also because it is located right on the Nile river. Its date back to  969 AD and is the home to the large  Egyptian Museum where the treasure from the tombs of ancient Egyptian Pharaohs is held!

Tourist attractions in Cairo

Giza Pyramids Complex which includes the Three pyramids of Khufu, Khefra, and Menakure. The magical sphinx which date back to the king Khafre, the valley temple which considered the major place for the communication process of ancient Egyptian Kings.  The Egyptian museum which holds the glorious treasures of King Tutankhamun plus the great Egyptian Kings. Saqara Step pyramid which founded by King Djoser. The Memphis city which considered the first capital in Ancient Egypt. Salah El Din citadel and Muhamed Ali mosque, Khan El Khalili bazaar. Coptic landmarks such as the hanging church, Ben Ezra Synagogue.

Luxor – Thebes City

luxor tours

Luxor is a famous Egyptian city located in Upper Egypt and known for its famous landmarks and points of interest such as Karnak temples, Hatshepsut & Luxor temples, Valley of the Kings, Colossi of Memnon. Here you’ll find some of Egypt’s most ancient history and can take plenty of Egypt trips and day tours to view them! You can also read more about these places through Luxor tourist attractions.

Aswan – The Nubian City

Aswan is an Egyptian city located in southern Egypt, Aswan is a great place to explore. So if you plan to put Aswan during your tour to Egypt, then you shouldn’t miss the attractions of Aswan which represented in Kom Ombo & Edfu temples, the great temple of Abu Simbel, Aswan high dam and the unfinished obelisk of Queen Hatshepsut. That’s the best tourist attractions in Aswan city. Know more about Abu Simbel facts.

Alexandria – The Bride of The Mediterranean

Alexandria was originally founded by Alexander the great and was the famous center of learning in the ancient world. It is now a healthy tourist attraction and the second great city in all of Egypt. It features astounding underwater activities, a lot of other magical excursion options, and also has plenty of nearby beaches for tourists to relax on and enjoy! Most attraction sites of Alexandria are Qaitbay citadel, Pompey’s Pillar, catacomb of Kom El Shokafa and the Alexandria library.

Hurghada Resort

It’s better when planning to your Egypt vacations, Don’t miss Hurghada in the tour itinerary to add some relaxing to your trip. You’ll find that Hurghada is packed with endless opportunities to go discovering, view the enchanting Red Sea, experience the nearby deserts, the safari trips, the amazing snorkeling and even explore other cities close to Hurghada for a day tour!

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