Activities in Safaga Port

Safaga is a coastal town located inside the Egyptian Arab Republic. Safaga is located at the crimson sea coast and administratively underneath the crimson Sea Governorate.

Safaga is a traveler metropolis that receives thousands of site visitors from Egypt and overseas. it’s miles a metropolis that is prepared for vacationers who come for rest and recreation, as well as healing purposes that we are able to mention later. also, lots of visitor take gain of their live in Safaga and looking for things to do in Safaga inclusive of memorable tours to the first-rate attractions of Cairo and Luxor.

The Geographical place of Safaga

Safaga is placed at the western shorelines of the purple Sea, located 60 kilometers south of Hurghada. it’s miles placed eighty kilometers north of the city of Qusair.

The town hosts an essential port for industrial vessels. Safaga is an critical port within the system of export and import of all industrial items. it’s miles considered an important port and transit factor for Egyptians to pass into Saudi Arabia. this is because of the proximity of the coast of Saudi Arabia, The metropolis of Duba or Daba.

The port is also flourishing and energetic in the pilgrimage season, where a special village turned into established to obtain and serve the pilgrims and facilitate their journey to the Saudi port of Daba.

it is also noted that the city of Safaga is an critical city; The towns which are positioned inside the Nile River basin, which is ready 100 and sixty kilometers away, and it is also stated that the town is also well-known for the production of phosphate, one of the most important and maximum in demand substances inside the neighborhood and global markets.

Tourism in Safaga

Safaga is considered one of the tourist cities which has loved awesome recognition via many Arab and overseas travelers because of the splendor of the seashores of this town.

Many vacationer villages had been installed to satisfy the numerous traveller activities along with exercise, swimming, diving, windsurfing and water skiing. high winds and excessive winds. Safaga beaches are safe beaches; there may be an island on the the front of its coast that prevents waves from drawing near the coast; visitors can experience peace among the island and the coasts of the metropolis.

Sharm El Naga is one of the maximum famous vacationer villages. it is positioned several kilometers far from the northern facet of the metropolis. Sharm el Naga hosts the maximum famous dive facilities prepared with the satisfactory device and gear for diving within the water.

Sharm is characterized through stunning coral reefs that adorn the water bottom in a very captivating way, in addition to oysters swimming close to the seashore of Sharm El Naga, and because of the boom in the quantity of vacationers were extra interested by the establishment of many and plenty of motels, chalets, and eating places to offer exclusive offerings for tourists.

The importance of Safaga’s therapeutic features

alongside leisure tourism, Safaga is characterized by using therapeutic tourism. The seashores of this town are famous for black and that helps to deal with many skin diseases inclusive of psoriasis and scabies, in addition to for the recuperation of arthritis and rheumatism.

The person swimming will go with the flow on the surface of the sea due to the high density of salt water, which lets in the body to save you the ultraviolet radiation that impacts the human frame cancer and brown pigment.

Safaga Shore Tours

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