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Does everything comes at a price?

October 12th, 2009 · Comments Off on Does everything comes at a price?

If I pay $1000 extra for a first-class seat, odds are the flight attendant will be nice to me.

If I pay $2000 extra for the presidential suite at the hotel, odds are the front desk clerk will be nice to me.

If I give the valet $50 to park my car, odds are he’ll be nice to me as well.

So, here’s the question: if all I want, the only extra, is for someone to be nice to me when I visit your business, how much extra does that cost? How much extra to talk to a nice person when I call tech support? How much extra to find a nice receptionist at the doctor’s office? Would you pay $9 extra for a smile when you dealt with the Swiss Cantonal Commune and were filing a form?

I know you’re rushed and stressed and stretched. I know your team deals with hundreds or thousands of customers, and a lot of them aren’t very friendly or warm. And I know that some of your customers (maybe a lot) would happily pay a little extra to get that one thing they want most of all…

I think there’s a huge gap between what people are willing to pay for nice (a lot) and what it would cost businesses to deliver it (almost nothing). Smells like an opportunity.

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Always in a rush?

April 29th, 2009 · 1 Comment

Sometimes, busy people need to remind themselves (and us) how busy they are by shaving off the last two seconds of what would otherwise be a pleasant interaction.

At Nobu in London the other day, the hostess, who is paid to be busy, looked up our name in the reservations book and then said, “over there against the wall,” while she pointed. She repeated this approach with at least three other parties.

How much longer to say, “Welcome, we’ll be ready for you in just a second. Would you mind waiting over there please?” Amazingly, saying that while smiling takes precisely the same amount of time.

I know you’re busy, so I’ll keep this short… if you’re going to interact, spend a few extra beats to be calm and gracious. It’s hard to overstate how much better everyone will feel and how much more productive you’ll become as a result.

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The old refrigerator magnet

April 29th, 2009 · Comments Off on The old refrigerator magnet

What is it about fridge magnets? Is there a fridge door in the world that is blank? I doubt it. The kitchen may be the heart of every home, but the fridge door is an intimate reflection of what’s important to a family. Kids’ drawings, take-out menus, holiday snaps, school reports, shopping lists…this is where it happens.  I even have a friend  who has a fridge magnet from every place she’s been. Let’s take this frozen passion a step further and check out a site that opens the fridge door wide and explores what’s inside. And yes, it’s called fridgewatcher.  I put it out as a good example of how smart people in business can use the Web in a far more exciting way than Googling demographics. Anyone with true empathy can learn a lot from the contents of these fridges. And, having learnt, they can start to create experiences that attract people from the fridge out. Cool products that not only taste good, but also give a fridge some class.

Don’t miss the chocolate obsessed fridge from Alexandra, New Zealand. Here’s some real wisdom to think about:

“I do have pictures of the chocolate stage [of my fridge]! In the pictures you see my daughters reaction the first time she saw that particular phase of my fridges life 🙂 One good thing about growing up and getting a job is that you find you have the money to do whacky things that you would have wanted to do as a child. Unfortunately we tend to get caught up in adult problems and forget the dreams and idea’s we used to have in our younger years. So, every now and again I like to do something different to remind myself that there’s more to life… and also just because I can :-)”

My response? Let’s all aspire to fridges that nourish our dreams!

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To Spanglish or not to Spanglish

April 28th, 2009 · 1 Comment

I’ve started to play with the idea of writing a blog for various reasons:
– I’ve used to write a lot when I was younger; life, occupations and laziness have gotten in the way of my “prose”, so much I can’t even remember when was the last time I wrote something different to an email, a white paper, business-related document or a college essay. I’ve felt the urge to remedy that.


– Thanks to my job I get to meet, see and learn a great deal of interesting people, places and variety of topics. I am afraid they can “get lost” in my memory if I don’t have a place to record them and look at them from time to time. We live in such changing times that “time capsules” become obsolete from one week to the other.

– I don’t have the discipline to write a diary or my “memoirs” ,therefore, I found it a convenient way to post from time to time things that interest me or remarkable experiences

I am currently working on a project that requires significant travel (time) so finally an excuse to put the mind to work on something different than work…!

-It was a great way to practice my written Spanish as I will let my mother tongue flow freely into words…. Or that’s what I thought…

I started to write my first post about the social media in Spanish, I work in marketing and communications which I love, therefore it’s a topic I am quite passionate about. But as I was trying to translate the business jargon of “social media”, “target”, etc, I’ve realized the task was proven more difficult than initially have though… as evident on my first post grammar, that I am sure will not pass a RAE test…and this one will not pass the “Oxford” either… for that matter

So I wonder, in which language should I keep this blog? I work in English, I live in French and my mother tongue is Spanish… Is this globalized world making us lose all our identity? Is it not enough that we find the same stores from Buenos Aires to Kathmandu – I need to talk about this one day – that we are also loosing the ability to express ourselves articulately …as my friend Quique would say: “I haven’t really learnt French, my English is bad and I am losing my Spanish…soon I will not be able to communicate at all!”

After giving it a bit of thought I’ve realized that the audience of my blog will be quite limited: basically ME (and my mom if I post some fun pictures or videos, in Spanish of course) and I’ve stopped worrying. I will write my blog in whatever language I feel like, depending on the story I wish to tell myself. After all it’s my time capsule and I live-and feel- the world in many captions.




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Coca Cola Ad – Part of Open Happiness Campaign

April 28th, 2009 · 1 Comment


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El mundo de las marcas en las redes sociales

April 27th, 2009 · 1 Comment

La gente que está hoy por hoy “online” busca formas de conectarse y de ser mas sociables. Para cumplir con esa demanda, una nueva ola de sitios de “social media” germinan explícitamente con el objectivo de proveer herramientas y plataformas que faciliten el compartir con otros a través de  mil facetas y formas. La popularidad de los medios sociales presenta un testimonio de uno de nuestros deseos mas primitivos  como es el de “pertenecer”, de la misma forma en que nos juntamos con personas similares alrededor de las cosas que mas nos apasionan.

Los profesionales de marketing mas ávidos, comienzan a ver la evolución de los usuarios de internet que se mueven de ser pasivos espectadores a tomar un rol de influenciadores y embajadores de marcas, razón por la cual no deberían ser subestimados.

Muchas marcas están a la expectativa sin saber claramente como exponerse en redes sociales, pero, como sabe cualquiera que ha participado en uno de estos sitios por mas de 5 minutos, es demasiado tarde. Sus marcas ya están expuestas, y las comunidades hablan de ellas, decidan éstas o no involucrarse en la jugada. En lugar de tratar de evitar la conversación, los gerentes de marca necesitan crear una estrategia que involucre a los influenciadores de internet y los usuarios de sitios sociales que tienen el poder de crear or destruir su marca.

Aqui van siete tácticas de marketing social para ayudar a tu marca a “socializar” y participar de la conversación:

 1. Explota el “Fun Factor”

– Descubre en que sitio frecuentan tus consumidores e influenciadores, y ayudalos a conseguir algo nuevo en ese lugar. Esto no significa introducir tu marca como un “billboard”. Puede ser ofrecer una aplicación que entretenga o informe, o comenzar y hacer crecer una comunidad basada en las áreas de interés de tus consumidores. Ojo: Comiénzala, facilítala pero no trates de controlarla!

2. Mira el bosque…pero también los árboles –

Presta atención a los sitios mas pequeños, los “niche” de las redes sociales, en donde la gente se junta alrededor de sus areas de interés y hobbies. Las oportunidades de marca en estos mini-sitios se van a incrementar cuando comiencen a competir y ganar mas atención que los mas grandes -y ruidosos- sitios de redes sociales.

3. Widgets son bienvenidos –

Incorpora un “widget” o aplicación en tu próximo programa de marketing en internet. Los widgets son aplicaciones que aparecen en blogs, sitios de internets y sitios de redes sociales. Estas aplicaciones permiten a los dueños de páginas personalizar sus sitios de internet de una forma rápida y fácil. Al mismo tiempo, los widgets te permiten involucrar a tu audiencia con contenido entretenido mientras estratégica y sutilmente estás incrementando la experiencia de marca de tu producto o tu empresa.

4. La conversación es la Madre de todas las cosas –

Si desarrollas una aplicación para ser usada en las redes sociales, facilita conversaciones utilizando herramientas con las que los consumidores estén familiarizados. Promover conversaciones usando texto entre participantes es una cosa, pero facilitar conversaciones usando video y audio puede ayudarte a explotar la interacción y la resonancia de la marca. También dales una forma de conectarte a través de subscripciones a un “feed” personalizado y dándoles acceso directo a alguien interno que les conteste sus preguntas.

5. Involucra –

Encuentra algo que llame la atención a tus consumidores a nivel de la experiencia. Érase una vez cuando creabas algo y la gente venía. Hoy, la gente no va a venir a menos que hagas algo que efectivamente los mueva, los involucre. Muestra a tus consumidores que pensaste en ellos desde un punto de vista humano y no simplemente como “usuarios”. Esto va a impactar cada vez que te acerques a ellos y te va a forzar a que personalices tu contenido de acuerdo a tu target demográfico y actitudinal mas allá de las herramientas que uses para llegar a ellos.

6. Investiga y Escucha –

Qué es lo que le gusta a la gente a la que querés llegar? La única forma de aprender acerca de sus preferencias y lo que les gusta o no es monitorear sus actividades, como también la cultura y la comunidad que deseas crear. Observando, vas a descubrir no solamente ideas para crear o desarrollar herramientas, servicios o campañas, pero también métodos y estrategias para crear verdadero entusiasmo y participación.

7. No lo hagas solo –

Un mal movimiento es las redes sociales te puede perjudicar mas que no hacer nada. Investiga con tecnología, marketing y estrategas de negocios para crear una presencia efectiva y apropiada en las redes sociales.

No te olvides que los que influencian tu marca están conectados a la internet con gente a la que le importan las mismas cosas que a ellos. Están ahí para hacerse notar con ellos, no para ser parte de investigaciõn de mercados. Están ahí para participar y crear, no para recibir publicidad. Entre mas las marcas puedan ayudarles a conectarse con otros a través de internet o compartir algo nuevo, las marcas serán recibidas mas favorablemente en estos nuevos círculos sociales.

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