Interpreting the Web as Text, as Scripture…?


In this Web of Ideas podcast, Berkman Fellow David Weinberger talks with AKMA (AKA A.K.A. Adam), author of the new book, Faithful Interpretation: Reading the Bible in a Postmodern World.

AKMA in his book maintains that it’s clear that even the most thoughtful, sincere, learned people may be radically divided about how to interpret scripture. Therefore, he concludes, we need a way of understanding interpretation that does not insist that only one of those thoughtful, sincere, learned people can be right. This understanding of interpretation would embrace and delight in difference. But can that insight help us understand how to live on the Web where the differences are also not going away? If so, what do we do about the fact that while more than one interpretation may be right, some are definitely wrong?

Download the MP3 (time: 45:46).

Produced by David Weinberger.

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