Congrats to Friend of the Show Elizabeth Stark!

April 26th, 2010

Radio Berkman friend and guest host Elizabeth Stark was just honored in the pages of Fast Company as one of 2010’s Most Influential Women in Tech, for her work in promoting Open Video and Free Culture!

From her interview:

Friends and I were afraid that video was essentially at the brink of becoming online TV, a one-way medium. So much of the video on the internet is in Flash — a proprietary standard patented by Adobe. It’s not available for people to adopt and adapt, and creators have to pay royalties. We wanted to see video live up to its potential as an engine of free expression. Just in the past few weeks lots of major online video players, including YouTube and Internet Explorer, announced they’d be supporting HTML 5 — a leading, natively integrated, completely open video standard. …We also want to promote remix culture: people engaged in free speech via remixing video. You can cut and paste text and images on the web fairly easily — why not video?

We’re very proud of Elizabeth, and have been thrilled to feature some of her work on Radio Berkman. Check out her interview with Biella Coleman on Episode 135, and a download from last year’s Open Video Conference on Episode 127.

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