Radio Berkman 156: The Dark Side of the World Cup

June 16th, 2010

With the estimated 250 to 450 million soccer fans now descending upon South Africa for the World Cup, we can expect to see billions of dollars of spent in local communities, benefitting the entire region.

Locals and soccer fans alike are also looking out for an increase in crime that comes with such a dramatic increase in population. Vandalism and mugging come with the territory. But NGOs and public agencies are also looking out for an increase in crimes that prey on South Africa’s vulnerable young population.

In a country already facing high instances of child abuse, rape, and sexual violence towards women — children can easily stumble upon pornography and pathways to abuse by way of broadcast, internet, and mobile phones.

Nadine Naidoo of Visionaries in Africa was concerned about the potential for the World Cup to bring with it a dramatic increase in sexual violence towards children, enabled by the media. So she is running a 30 day multimedia project of her own, coinciding with the World Cup and incorporating video, podcasts, interviews, and a live concert to raise awareness about the dangers facing children.

Take a moment away from watching the tournament and check out the project for yourself. And keep checking back for updates until July 11!

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Nadine and David in the Radio Berkman Studio

Reference Section:
Follow Nadine’s 30-day World Cup podcast -> here
More about the Visionaries in Africa Foundation -> here
The Berkman Center’s recent study on child safety online in developing countries -> here

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