RB203: From Digital Uprising to Digital Society


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Lots of digital ink has been spilled about how and whether digital technology played a critical role in bringing about the Arab Spring. But it’s been 18 months since the spark of revolution was first lit in Tunisia, way back in December of 2010.

How has digital technology played a role in laying the foundation for a stable Tunisia? Today’s guests were tasked with finding an answer to that question. And it turns out to be a very complex and interesting one, leading them to explore Tunisia’s communications infrastructure, Tunisia’s digital economy, and an increasingly technology-enabled civil society.

Zack Brisson and Kate Krontiris of Reboot are the authors of the recently completed TUNISIA: FROM REVOLUTIONS TO INSTITUTIONS.

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Reference Section:
Bruno Giussani (TED’s European Director) posted this after he spoke in one of the TEDx events in Tunisia
Wadah Khanfar’s TED talk</
TunisiaLive.com, a leading English language news startup, that was created during the revolution by a community of Tunisian bloggers
How Tunisia can become a “startup nation”
What it means to be a small business owner in Tunisia before/after the revolution
A blog post from Entrepreneurship.org citing a number of entrepreneurship-related events that have happened in Tunisia

Video from a TEDx talk in Carthage around eGov (in French)
Another interesting TEDx video (in French/some Arabic)
Omar Saghi’s key blog post in understanding political islam in Tunisia (in French)
fhimt.com, an interesting participatory politics website (in French)

Creative Commons music this week from MorganTJ

This week’s episode produced and edited by Daniel Dennis Jones

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