Camille François on A Roadmap to Cyberpeace [AUDIO]


The notion of ‘cyberpeace’ requires a separation of war-time cyber activities from peace-time cyber activities. This project questions “cyberwar” (the concept, its reality and its legal framework) and examines its relationship to the idea of peace. Doctrinally, the ‘cyber’ realm grew between conceptions of war and peace.

In this talk Camille François — Berkman and Fulbright Fellow, and Visiting Scholar at Columbia University’s Saltzman Institute for War and Peace Studies — explores how these blurry lines are translated in operations (for example, NSA/USCYBERCOM) and legal frameworks, and attempts to address the consequences of the framing.

Read Camille’s article in Scientific American: What Is War in the Digital Realm? A Reality Check on the Meaning of “Cyberspace”

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