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Asia at the Cutting Edge?


Eric Priest leads a discussion about Asia’s entertainment industry business models.

Eric writes, “People often say Asia is at the cutting edge of the digital music revolution. Driven by sales of music for mobile phones, Japan is the second largest digital music market in world, and South Korea, China, and India’s digital music markets appear set to boom. But these markets still have problems and their sustainability is far from assured.

Technology adoption in Asia is high, to be sure, but technology adoption alone does not necessarily a business model make. What can Asia teach the world about the next-generation music business model? Much of the noteworthy innovation in Asia is actually happening in China, where music companies and artists are flexible and effective at adapting to piracy and changing market conditions, and where the line between creator and consumer seems to be disappearing faster than just about anywhere else in the world.”

Eric Priest is a research fellow in the Berkman Centers project on Internet Filtering, and a cofounder of Berkmans Digital Media in Asia Project. He is also a visiting researcher at Harvard Law School, and an adjunct professor of law at Chicago-Kent College of Law.

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Digital Media in Asia with Jesse Parker

This past Tuesday, Berkman’s Digital Media in Asia Speaker Series hosted an event featuring Jesse Parker on Investment in Digital Media in China. Jesse Parker is the Founder and Managing General Partner of Dragonvest Partners a fund that invests in talented Chinese entrepreneurs. He has over 25 years experience in the technology business sector and the Greater China marketplace. Hear his unique perspective on how technological change has impacted China, his knowledge about the growth of digital media industries in China, and his strategy for how or why he invests in Chinese digital media companies.

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