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Berkman Luncheon Series: Digital Learning

William McGeveran, Jackie Harlow, and Professor William W. Fisher III present a progress report on their year-long research project about Educational Uses of Content in the Digital Age, funded by a grant from the Mellon Foundation.

The project considers (1) the ways in which digitization alters the use of content by teachers and scholars in their educational mission; (2) what obstacles (legal, technical, or institutional) prevent the full potential of digital learning; and (3) what reforms might improve the situation. Professor Fisher is the lead investigator. Berkman Fellow William McGeveran and Berkman student fellow Jackie Harlow are coordinating the project.

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Digital Media in Asia with Jesse Parker

This past Tuesday, Berkman’s Digital Media in Asia Speaker Series hosted an event featuring Jesse Parker on Investment in Digital Media in China. Jesse Parker is the Founder and Managing General Partner of Dragonvest Partners a fund that invests in talented Chinese entrepreneurs. He has over 25 years experience in the technology business sector and the Greater China marketplace. Hear his unique perspective on how technological change has impacted China, his knowledge about the growth of digital media industries in China, and his strategy for how or why he invests in Chinese digital media companies.

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The Gadget Factor

Don’t let its size deceive you — this sleek little gadget is shaking the foundations of the digital media debate. In “The Gadget Factor,” AudioBerkman takes a closer look a cool new class of high-tech toys — the portable MP3 player — to find out how these devices are affecting the world of online music. We talk to business analysts, lawyers, and RIAA President Cary Sherman and ask how the iPod has changed the way people use digital media. Our results might surprise you… (running time: 12 minutes)

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Learn more about the digital media debate by visiting the Berkman Center’s Digital Media Project homepage, which contains research reports and a roadmap for the future of the debate.

The people we interviewed:

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Debut — The Future of Digital Media

Industry leaders, musicians, legal scholars, and international experts convened at Harvard Law School this fall to discuss one of the most controversial subjects in internet law: the future of digital media. This audio documentary offers a window into the conference — a chance to overhear experts’ views and business leaders’ concerns. Running time: 15 minutes.

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Full Description

Get behind the scenes of a conference held at Harvard Law School this fall to discuss the future of Digital Media. The conference is part of a long-term study at the Berkman Center — the Digital Media Project — to analyze the different legal principles, business models, and interest groups vying to reshape the distribution of creative content in the digital age. Listen to what the experts had to say… (Running time: 15 minutes)


The Digital Media Project investigates five scenarios that forceast different directions the copyright and digital media debate could take. These scenarios address questions like: what if copyright law becomes more restrictive, how will DRM systems will shape use of digital media, and what role technology will play in the future of this debate?In the coming weeks, we’ll offer another look at a conference held at Harvard in December to discuss Alternative Compensation Systems and the idea of an Internet-based Entertainment Co-op.

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