Radio Berkman 125: The Price of Music

At $80,000 per song, the 24 tracks Jammie Thomas-Rasset is accused of sharing on Kazaa could represent the most expensive album of all time.

Last week a federal jury suggested the fine, adding up to $1.92 million, seemed like a fair price for willful infringement.

Thomas-Rasset’s pro bono legal team of Kiwi Camara and Joe Sibley promise to appeal the verdict in this, the first file sharing case to see trial. A conversation shortly before the trial showed a number of issues that indeed did not make it to court this time around – including the constitutionality of the RIAA’s investigative tactics.

Check out David Weinberger’s conversation with Thomas-Rasset’s lead attorney Kiwi Camara to find out where the defense stands.

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The Reference Section:
Big Fine Could Be Big Trouble in Downloading Case
Lawyers plan class-action to reclaim “$100M+” RIAA “stole”
Richard Marx “Ashamed” He’s Linked To $1.92 Million RIAA Fine Against Minnesota Mom
What’s next for Jammie Thomas-Rasset?
Camara & Sibley
David Weinberger’s conversation with lawyer Charlie Nesson and client Joel Tenenbaum on their case against the RIAA

CC-licensed music this week:
State Shirt – Computer
Cordafonia – Dreamland

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Radio Berkman: The “Pay Us” Hotline – Fines and the RIAA


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How the RIAA is attempting to enforce exorbitant fines on one file sharer, and the efforts of one law professor to take them down.

David Weinberger interviews Charlie Nesson and Joel Tennenbaum about their lawsuit against the Recording Industry Association of America.

CC-licensed music this week:

Brad Sucks – “Gasoline”
Greg Williams – “Teagarden Blues and Rain”

More on this case can be found here and here.

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