Weekly Update: Week of March 28, 2011

This week, a curious finding: Democrats fall out of the cloud for the MSM even though Republicans are still covered in both the MSM and political blogs:

Compare MSM vs. political blogs, week of 03/28/11

Since they’re such common terms, it’s hard to get a sense of why “Democrats” appears only in blogs and “Republican” in both, though it may be a sign of the MSM’s tendency to employ the game frame, pitting Obama against a foe.  Another headline (one which Ethan will appreciate): Ouattara and Gbagbo (two men fighting for the presidency of Cote D’Ivoire) appear on the political blog side of the word cloud, and that’s without one American bomb being dropped on the country.  Meanwhile, the MSM continues to cover Charlie Sheen.

Turning to basketball, Butler gets the most coverage of the Final Four teams–in blogs as well!–going to show that everyone loves an underdog…until they lose.

Coverage of Japan and Libya continues to decline in both blogs and the MSM.  Libya last week: .71% of all words in the MSM, 1.2% in blogs; this week: .48% in MSM, .56% in blogs.  Japan last week: .86% in MSM, .74% in blogs; this week: .55% in MSM, .39% in blogs.  Nuclear last week: 1.1% in both blogs and MSM; this week: .62% in MSM, .8% in blogs.

The MSM comparison cloud between this week and last week gives us a better sense of how these stories have waned:

Compare MSM, week of 03/21/11 and 03/28/11

Notice that “Gaddafi” and “Libyan” have fallen out of the cloud from last week to this, as well as “radioactive,” “reactor,” and “Fukushima.”

Over in the blogospheres, it seems the right is covering Florida pastor Terry Jones’ koran burning episode–and the fallout–much more than the left:

Compare left and right blogospheres, week of 03/28/11

with words like “Jones,” “Koran,” “pastor,” and “Afghanistan” only appearing in the cloud on the right.  Also only appearing on the right: “Libya,” “NATO” and “rebels.”  Meanwhile, on the left, Paul Ryan’s deficit cutting plan seems to be popular with terms like “Ryan,” “Medicaid,” and “Medicare” showing up in the cloud.

Something to keep an eye on for next week: “shutdown” doesn’t appear in any of the clouds this week.








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  1. GADEL says:

    MSM cloud looks quite interesting for this week.

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