Making Sense of the Mortgage Crisis


Burn The MoneyCompelling, well-researched, human, making a serious and complicated issue accessible without dumbing it down – that’s the kind of journalism we’re concerned with, right? This week’s episode of This American Life is all of those and more. It’s a collaboration with NPR news that actually makes it possible to understand how the subprime mortgage crisis happened, and its implications for the economy here and abroad. At the same time, you meet, understand and may even feel sympathy for some of the people whose mistakes made it happen, and whose lives were thrown into turmoil.

If you don’t already, subscribe now to the This American Life podcast and check it out. Or if you can’t make time for an hour of radio (your loss), listen online to the 12-minute All Things Considered version which aired Friday.

Great work, radio people!

Now if we could get them to:
put additional materials (photos? videos? reporter’s notes? glossary?) and links to outside resources on both websites;
allow listener comments; and
localize all of the above on each local affiliate’s site,

we’d really have something!

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Burn The Money,
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  1. Matt

    May 10, 2008 @ 5:30 pm


    I particularly like a recap of the problem and Andrew Abbott citation via my classmate Dan Hirschman: