Happy birthday, human rights declaration


Sixty years ago today, on 10 December 1948, the adoption by the General Assembly of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights launched a new era. Lebanese scholar Charles Habib Malik described it to the assembled delegates as follows:

Every member of the United Nations has solemnly pledged itself to achieve respect for and observance of human rights. But, precisely what these rights are we were never told before, either in the Charter or in any other national instrument. This is the first time the principles of human rights and fundamental freedoms are spelled out authoritatively and in precise detail. I now know what my government pledged itself to promote, achieve, and observe. … I can agitate against my government, and if she does not fulfill her pledge, I shall have and feel the moral support of the entire world.

Lend your moral support to someone who needs it today.


Persephone in Athens

Image: Dengcoy Miel, see more drawings at the SKETCHING HUMAN RIGHTS CARTOON EXHIBIT. I swear I didn’t notice till after I downloaded it that I share a last name with its artist, who is from Singapore. Greetings, Dengcoy!

UDHR 60 Logos in many languages here.

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