To the couch! (listen to Radio Berkman)


couchI had great fun having a conversation with my colleague David Weinberger that resulted in a holiday Radio Berkman podcast on the ghosts of media future. One line that made it into the edited version, but is a bit hard to hear because I kind of swallowed it (I’ve forgotten everything my mentors from Open Radio in Moscow taught me) was that part of what I am doing in my paper was “standing up for couch potatoes.” It reminded me that I had used this image in a presentation at Beyond Broadcast to illustrate the exhortation that was part of the original Media Re:public manifesto “Come back to the public (all of them).” Basically, I think that we need to recognize that couch potatoes are potatoes people too. Passive consumers of news still deserve to know what’s going on. So there. You can listening passively to the podcast, where besides some blather from me, there is also some insightful comments from my wonderful collaborators Pat Aufderheide and Jessica Clark, who are the future of public media (which is not just public broadcasting!).

Image: Potato Head – Couch Potato : )
Uploaded on October 11, 2006
by oddsock

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  1. Emmanuel

    December 31, 2008 @ 8:05 am


    First : Thanks a lot for your blogs and white-papers !

    In general, look at the consumer as a potato is never a good option.

    The next media model has to consider the consumer as an equal
    party, even if, at last, the consumer prefers being a potato.

    See you in 2009 ! Happy new year.


  2. Persephone Miel

    January 5, 2009 @ 10:40 pm


    Soyez le bienvenu! It’s true the potato is not the ideal. But the potato may still get up some day, and in the meantime it should be possible for her/him to know a little bit of something true, n’est-ce pas?