A Decisive Decade / Robert B McKersie and James R Ralph Jr. Jr.

decisive-decadeThe business needs creativity, and the source of creativity is diversity in the workplace. People with different backgrounds and ethnicities are sources creativity, new ideas, and innovation.

Before civil rights movement, American work force was like a bird with a single wing and most of the white collar positions were filled by the white people. The US industry was not using the black people as part of their creative and white collar workforce before the 1960s. There were a lot of prejudices and negative generalizations about black people, and these prejudices prevented the employment of black people in white collar positions. Even for blue collar positions, they preferred to work with white people. McKersie’s Decisive Decade summarizes important efforts to expand hiring and advancement opportunities for the discriminated black people.

Asians, Hispanics, Blacks, Indians and all people with different ethnic origins bring a different set of mindsets and capabilities to the business. They are like the colors of the rainbow in comparison to white. White is a beautiful color, but it is impossible to paint a picture by using only white paint. For different aspects of business and projects, we need teams with different skills and approaches. There are different examples of workplace diversity: The Nasa’s head was a lawyer when they succeeded to land Apollo 11 on the moon. The head of the best business school –Harvard Business School is an Indian American. The CEO of Coca-Cola company is a Turk. The CEO of Apple is a gay. The CEO of Yahoo is a woman. There are successful entrepreneurs under 18. So the color, profession, ethnicity, age and even the gender have no negative impact on the business performance. Rather, these colors provide a base for creativity, invention, and innovation.

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