Shall We Dance / Masayuki Suo

shall-we-danceMasayuki Suo’s film-Shall We Dance shows the importance of breaking the routines in business and life. The main character in the film-Sugiyama is an ordinary accountant who has a routine and boring life. Every day he goes to work from the same path by using the same train, same bike, and at the same time. The only glimpse of hope to break his routine is the mysterious, beautiful young lady standing at the window of the dance school. For a long time, he has no courage to enroll at the dance school to create a reason to meet her. One evening he is able to derail; he gets off the train at the nearest station to the dance school and opens the door to a new life. After he starts to dance classes, his passion slightly moves from the young beautiful dance instructor to the dance itself. He accidentally discovers the dance in his hidden pursuit of love. The dance becomes a key to open the locked doors in his life. He rediscovers himself, his family, and his friends by the light of dance.

‘Shall We Dance’ is a perfect resemblance to the business life. The business life is consist of routines like producing the same products, writing the same reports, making the same offers. There are too many repetitive tasks that help to run an ordinary business, but these repetitive tasks become a curtain or barrier for a change. The routine creates a secure flow and does not give space for new things, experiments, and discoveries. The opportunities are always outside. The discovery of an island is only possible when we move away from the mainland; the invention of a new technology is only possible when we try something that we don’t have experience before. So we have to leave our comfort zone and try new things. Most of the inventions in the business world are results of accidental discoveries. The Pfizer’s researchers invented Viagra while they were trying to find a cure for heart illnesses. The founder of Starbucks-Howard Shultz invented the Starbucks ‘Café Model’ after he met original Italian Café concept in his first visit to Italy. Therefore, we have to break our routines and be open for accidental discoveries. We can change, only if we change our path.

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