Birthday and Gratitude

I recently celebrated another birthday. This one’s a little more special. I revised my life. Often from the daily hustle and bustle, we only live by thinking of the current period, recent times or near future. This short-term determines our happiness and unhappiness.
I have been thinking about what has happened since my birth, on this birthday. Since it was my birthday, I focused on the positive things. I thanked God for all the good things that have happened in my life. It made me feel good. As I said, one forgets important things from the struggle for daily life.
Would recommend to all of you. Review things you should be thankful in your own life since the day you were born and show gratitude for them. 

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One thought on “Birthday and Gratitude

  1. Flora Pringle

    It is true, there is not another important moment like a birthday to understand something important in our personal life. Many times, good moments are the majority.


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