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Corona Virus: To die or not to die

City people generally do not think about death or remember much about it. They only remember death for a short time on the rare occasion when an acquaintance or neighbor dies, but people quickly forget during their daily lives. Only those who lost their loved ones have a little grasp of their mortality. The coronavirus created two major differences in our lives. Firstly, it has forced life to grind to a halt for city people. Secondly, the Corona Virus reminded people worldwide about their mortality and their fear of death. Continue reading

Birthday and Gratitude

I recently celebrated another birthday. This one’s a little more special. I revised my life. Often from the daily hustle and bustle, we only live by thinking of the current period, recent times or near future. This short-term determines our happiness and unhappiness.
I have been thinking about what has happened since my birth, on this birthday. Since it was my birthday, I focused on the positive things. I thanked God for all the good things that have happened in my life. It made me feel good. As I said, one forgets important things from the struggle for daily life.
Would recommend to all of you. Review things you should be thankful in your own life since the day you were born and show gratitude for them. 

Silicon Valley-A perfect class material to discuss high tech Startups

Silicon Valley is an American comedy television series created by Mike Judge, John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky. The series focuses on five young men who founded a startup company in Silicon Valley. This comedy illustrates the startup world much better than some graduate courses on venture capital.

Each episode of Silicon Valley could be used as a case study for different discussions from intellectual property to the stockholder, from the role of a CEO to money-making methods of a startup.

The characters in the show are not very well-developed, but business stories are very intimidating, and you never think you are missing something. I really want to watch whole four seasons to think about each episode to be able to use them in my classes.

Lessons from Star Wars VII: The Power Awakens

star_wars_episode_vii_the_force_awakensThe Star Wars Saga has been a rich source of inspiration to extract life lessons. J.J. Abrams’ The Power Awakens also contains some unique life lessons.

The first lesson: The life is a constant struggle, so be prepared for the next challenge.

The stage of success is temporary and the forerunner of a new challenge. At the end of the Star Wars VI, Luke Skywalker kills the emperor and a period of peace and tranquility begins in the galaxy.

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Shall We Dance / Masayuki Suo

shall-we-danceMasayuki Suo’s film-Shall We Dance shows the importance of breaking the routines in business and life. The main character in the film-Sugiyama is an ordinary accountant who has a routine and boring life. Every day he goes to work from the same path by using the same train, same bike, and at the same time. The only glimpse of hope to break his routine is the mysterious, beautiful young lady standing at the window of the dance school. Continue reading

The Little Red Riding Hood / Charles Perrault


The Little Red Riding Hood is an inspirational story about the importance of experience in practical operations, being results-driven, and intelligence management.

The Little Red Riding Hood is the story’s protagonist and an inexperienced young girl, while the antagonist wolf resembles an experienced, goal-oriented manager. Wolf has a clear goal and vision: “Stay safe and increase the amount of food.” He reaches his goal by efficient use of intelligence management. For example, while he is among the woods, he notices the woodcutters, correctly accesses them as a potential threat, and stays away from them. When the wolf meets the little girl for the first time, he controls and postpones his urges. He doesn’t eat the girl right away and instead uses that vital moment to collect information for potential opportunities or threats. He discovers that he can have both grandma and the girl away from the eyes of others.

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Death of a Salesman / Arthur Miller

death-of-a-salesmanDeath of a Salesman is an inspirational work that makes us think in several different ways; my personal preference is thinking about confronting reality and making adjustments. The members of the Loman family in the play, don’t accept the reality, and their life is like a fake film stage. What we see, hear, or read is beautiful, but when we check what is behind it, a disappointment waits for us. Continue reading

Julius Caesar / Shakespeare

julius-caesarShakespeare’s Julius Caesar gives important clues about forecasting the future. Most of the classical works have a figure of soothsayer, and there are different signs that imply that the prophecy might be true. In Shakespeare’s play, in the first act a soothsayer warns Caesar about “the Ides of March”, and later Julius Caesar’s wife Calpurnia tells her worries about him because of her nightmare about his assassin. Continue reading

Antigone / Sophocles

antigoneSophocles’ Antigone is a quite interesting example of leadership. In books about leadership, the acts of leadership are generally described from the point of view of an assigned leader like a CEO, a general manager or a departmental manager. But in real life usually, leadership starts with a rebellion of a person who is not in the position of authority. The leader is a rising star who breaks the law or challenges the tradition or authority. Continue reading