Gandhi / Director Richard Attenborough

ghandi-film-poster-2-2980Are leaders born or made? The life of Gandhi is an answer to the question. The leaders are made. The Gandhi was an ordinary lawyer at the beginning. But the incidents that he lived helped him to find his purpose of life. At the famous film of Richard Attenborough the first incident is the problem of travelling in the first class section as a colored man on a train in South Africa. Continue reading

The Guest / Albert Camus

the-guestThe Guest by Albert Camus is an inspiring story that makes us think about making a wise choice with a free mind. In the story Daru is an alienated teacher living in isolation on a plateau, teaching irrelevant and unnecessary French geography to Algerian students in North Africa in a war environment. This is one of the reasons of his alienation. One day he finds himself with a strange task of delivering a so-called criminal to a police station in two hours distance. Continue reading

Billy Budd / Herman Melville

billy_budd_coverMelville’s Billy Budd is an inspiring novel about making objective and fair decisions. In the novel, the captain of Bellipotent comes to a decision point. The sailor, Billy Budd is accused of killing John Claggart, the master-at-arms of the Bellipotent. As the witness of the incident, Captain Vere is aware of that it was an accident, and Billy Budd didn’t intend to kill Claggart. Continue reading