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Sinopec’s Iran deal

From Jacqueline Newmyer The Chinese national oil company Sinopec has signed a contract to develop Iran’s Yadavaran oil field, according to articles in today’s Financial Times and International Herald Tribune. From Iran’s point of view, the deal is a triumph. It exposes the inability of the United States to build a global coalition to impose […]

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Iran NIE and a prediction

From Stephen Peter Rosen For the most part, the arguments about the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran have been and will be a debate, not about intelligence, but about Bush foreign policy. But the NIE also provides an opportunity to assess our own ability to do assessments, by publicly stating what we think the […]

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Sanctions on track, despite (and thanks to) Iran NIE

From Matthew Levitt Conventional wisdom, if one reads the daily papers and the unnamed European officials quoted therein, is that a third UN Security Resolution targeting Iran is now highly unlikely in wake of the release of the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran’s nuclear intentions and capabilities. The assessment opened with the zinger that […]

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Bin Laden’s latest message in context

From Raymond Ibrahim Full of the same old complaints, threats of retaliation, and victim status role that have become mainstays of al-Qaeda propaganda, Osama bin Laden’s latest release would seem to offer nothing new. It dwells on the many “crimes” the West insists on visiting upon the Muslim world, simply because “their only sin is […]

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MESH is launched

From Stephen Peter Rosen and Martin Kramer Middle East Strategy at Harvard (MESH) is open for business. Why do we think there’s a need for another weblog, and why at Harvard? The Middle East today receives saturation coverage in the mainstream and alternative media, journals, and books. But we feel there’s no such thing as […]

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