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From Chuck Freilich Is it too late to dissuade Iran from developing nukes? A nuclear Iran does increasingly loom as the likely outcome, not because it is too late, but due to lack of sufficient resolve. Iran is at least two and probably more years away from an operational capability. France has taken a firm […]

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From Josef Joffe The British website LiveLeak.com has removed Fitna, intoning that it had to “place the safety of its staff above all else.” You would have thought that this is a typical reaction for all those “Euroweenies,” as the satirist Peter O”Rourke once called America’s cousins from across the sea: Let’s cave in to the […]

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Clashing civilizations revisited

From Josef Joffe Last Sunday’s New York Times Book Review ran an essay by Fouad Ajami, in which he doubts his own 1993 critique of Samuel Huntington’s Clash of Civilizations. Prompted by that reflection, we invited MESH member Josef Joffe to revisit Huntington’s thesis. Civilizational conflicts will supersede ideological conflicts. This is the key idea […]

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