An Ambiguous Adventure



An Ambiguous Adventure describes the story of Samba Diallo, tracing his eduction from a traditional Islamic school in Senegal where the practice was based on Quranic recitation and a detachment from the material world, to advanced studies of philosophy in Paris. Naturally there is a clash here, and this becomes the prime driving force behind the story. It becomes a deep immersion into the reconciliation of the Islamic faith of Senegalese¬†Sheikh’s with the materialism of the modern west. The country of Diallobe is one which is governed entirely by faith, giving the afterlife a supremacy which the west forcefully subjugated. The secularization of the west lends to a culture driven by civilization, materialism, scientific advancement and ultimately leading to a bold declaration that God is dead. This battle of heart and reason for Samba Diallo seem primarily antagonistic: on one side, that of faith, of death, and of the resurrection, on the other, that of reason, of life, and of salvation here on earth. As seen here and through multiple other sources of reading, in such traditional cultures any deviation and slight difference is seen as heretic and deviant from true Islam. This is what drove the above piece.

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