mtakla — May 10, 2014, 1:53 pm

Attempt to Illustrate Samaa



For this project I have utilized watercolors to paint a a shoreline and at the very fringe of the waves, where the sand meets the water, I have drawn whirling dervishes in the middle of samaa. I have placed them between the sand, which represents the billions of people on earth and between the water which represents the the other world.  The dervishes are located at the meeting of the two, symbolizing how they are thought to be able to transcend the  barriers of this world through motion to reach god. As the dervishes spin, they decrease in awareness of self. The dervishes are trying to reach bridge the farq between humans (the grains of sand) and  a state where the self is no longer present, represented here as the foam. The surface tension of the foam bubbles represents the perceived tension between the idea that all senses are actually god’s senses and the idea that this means that humans do not have free will. This tension is resolved through the realization that humans are actually freer when god works through them in a state of baqaa. The repeated image of the dervishes depicts the repetitive nature of their spinning, or physically active meditation. Much like how each wave does not resemble the last,  each experience, or order of dervishes, has its own interpretation of samaa with the same goal of reaching god. 

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