Letter from Munich – 066

Letter from Munich – the Joseph Affair – 66


12 April 2002

Dear Mr. Graf, dear friends,

This week Francesca began to read out another transcript of an interrogation of Rene May by the Dresden police, a transcript that she had also received from Joseph’s parents, the Kantelberg-Abdullahs. According to the transcript, the interrogation was conducted by the Dresden Police on 29 November 2000, in the apartment where the Rene May lives. It begins with the words, “I am still aware of what I was told at my first interrogation (about being under oath). My father Hanspeter May was present at (this) interrogation.”

Question: What do you want to add to what you said at your first interrogation?

Answer: First, I remember the name of the boy who was also at the pool and who was taken upstairs by the Abdullahs. He’s called Steve Mechling, and he lives on Finkenbergstrasse. I showed officer Hartmann the house he lives in. About a year ago I was in the Abdullahs’ pharmacy. I was alone there. I went into the pharmacy and Herr Abdullah came out from the back room. I asked him, if I could have some candy, and he gave me two or three bonbons. The man said to me, “You’ll get a large reward when everything is over.” Then Frau Abdullah also came to the front of the shop and when she was there, Herr Abdullah said to me that I would get DM 2000. I didn’t say anything, because other people came into the pharmacy. I left the pharmacy.

Question: Was that the only time that Herr Abdullah said that to you or was it the first time?

Answer: No, Herr Abdullah said that to me before, and he said it repeatedly, About two or three times. But I can remember everything about that one time in particular.

Question: Do you know other people who were told the same thing?

Answer: Yes, he said it to David Schlaeger and Annette Lossburg. They told me.

Question: Can you make a mark on the sketch of the pool area to show where you were lying?

Answer: Yes, I can. I’m marking the place with “x 1” and making the sketch a part of this interrogation.

Question: Why didn’t you say anything about the reward in your first interrogation?

Answer: I was kind of excited and I forgot. I can’t say anything more right now.

“Then the record states that the interrogation was completed at 2:35 p.m.,” said Francesca. “Below that are the signatures of Rene May, his father, and the officer who was responsible for conducting the investigation.”

Then she added, “Even if the boy was paid, as he said, I still think that he was telling the truth about Joseph’s death at the first interrogation before the judge in Dresden, and not in the later interrogation by the police. Whether or not the parents made a gross error in judgment and actually did pay him, the truth is still the truth.”

Sincerely yours,

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