Letter from Munich – 068

Letter from Munich – the Joseph Affair – 68


26 April 2002

Dear Mr. Graf, dear friends,

“Last time we talked,” Francesca said, “I read to you a written statement about the death of the boy Joseph Kantelberg-Abdullah, a statement made by the then twelve-year-old Sven May. In that statement, which he wrote for Joseph’s sister, he said that Joseph had been killed in the municipal swimming pool in Sebnitz.

“Sven changed his story completely, however, just as his brother had done when he was questioned by the police in Sebnitz a year later, on 29 November 2000. What is perhaps interesting about the questioning is the fact that the police never asked him about his earlier written statement.

“This transcript of the police questioning was given to me by Joseph’s parents, even though the document contradicts what they believe to be true, and what they believe to be true is what Sven May had written in his earlier statement.

“The questioning begins with the usual warning about telling the truth. It says at the beginning of the transcript that Sven’s father, Hanspeter May was present.”

Then Francesca began to read the transcript:

Question: Have you already made statements to the police or to others about this matter?

Answer: To the police, no. Once in the pharmacy to the (Kantelberg-)Abdullah family. They asked me to come with them for a few minutes. That’s what I did. Mr. and Mrs. (Kantelberg-)Abdullah were upstairs in the pharmacy. I was alone there, I mean, without my brother. They asked me what happened in the swimming pool. I said, that I’d been playing with Joseph at the pool. I knew Joseph well, we often played together with remote-control cars. I went to my place, which I’m indicating with a “1” on the drawing in front of me. Joseph went to his place. This I’m indicating on the drawing with a “2.” I asked Joseph if he wanted to come into the water with me. Joseph and I went into the shallow water. We took a ball with us. I played for about thirty minutes with Joseph and then said to him, “Get out now. I want to go play in the deeper water.” I saw some other friends there. Joseph sat on the edge of the deeper pool. I’m indicating the place with a “3.” Then we played around in the whirlpool and for a while I didn’t look over at Joseph. Behind the place where Joseph was sitting was a bench. I’m indicating this with a “4.” There were about six young people sitting on the bench. There were three girls in the group. Then I went back into the whirlpool, because they turned the water back on. Later I saw that several people were at the place where Joseph was laid out. This place I’m indicating with a “5.” Then I ran over there and saw Joseph. I told this to my brother, Rene. He went home right away.

Francesca commented, “It sounds as if he were reading a script.”

Continued next week.

Sincerely yours,

Robert John Bennett

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