Letter from Munich – 070

Letter from Munich – the Joseph Affair – 70


10 May 2002

Dear Mr. Graf, dear friends,

“I have here a another transcript of a judicial interrogation in the matter of the investigation into the cause of death of Joseph Abdulla,” Francesca said. “On the first page of the transcript is the file number of the Dresden district court: 270 Gs 3141/00 414 Js 53329/00. This interrogation was conducted on 21 November 2000 at 10:00 a.m. Those present were District Court Judge Weidig, District Attorney Flockerzi, Detective Chief Superintendent Krebs, and a court stenographer.

“The witness was Daniel Steiner, school pupil, born on 9 March 1985 in Sebnitz and now resident in Sebnitz.

“At the beginning of the transcript there is an interesting answer to a question posed by the authorities. There had been other appointments for the interrogation that the witness missed. In answer to the question as to why he had not appeared, the boy stated, ‘I didn’t come for the other appointments because I was afraid of the right-wing people. My mommy is in the hospital now. I was alone in the house.’

“In response to a follow-up question, he answered, ‘Some people who were there are part of the right-wing scene. If they find out – they know who I am, too.’

“Then the transcript states – as is usual at the beginning of such documents – ‘The witness was informed of the object of the investigation and the name of the accused. He was admonished to tell the truth . . . .’

“We will see,” Francesca went on, “how similar the things that happened to Daniel Steiner were to those that happened to Rene May, the first witness whose judicial and police transcripts I read to you. Before the district court, Daniel Steiner stated – in much the same way that Rene May stated it – ‘A boy, Joseph Abdulla, was murdered there (in the swimming pool),’ and then he described the murder. Some months later, however, after Daniel Steiner – like Rene May – had seen how the murderers and the other members of the right-wing scene in Sebnitz were running around free and threatening people, he started to tell a completely different story, just as Rene May did.”

Then Francesca began to read out the rest of the transcript:

Concerning the object of the investigation: “It was 1997; I was twelve years old then. It was summer.”

In response to a question: “I don’t know the exact day any more.”

“In response to a question as to whether it was during the (school) vacation: I don’t know that any more. I suppose so.”

In response to a question as to whether he could still remember the event: “Yes. We went to the pool: myself, Antonio Keleman, Ronny Kunte – the others I didn’t know so well. We all went together to the pool, to the Dr. Petzold (Municipal) Swimming Pool. We looked for a place to lie down there and then we went swimming. Before noon there weren’t so many people there.”

In response to a question: “A boy, Joseph Abdulla, was killed there.”

Continued next week.

Sincerely yours,

Robert John Bennett

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