Holi (insert pun here)

On Sunday we celebrated Holi. The best description I heard of this is “the Hindu festival of colours.” If you want the true story, google it – your net connection is faster than mine. The upshot is that everyone runs around throwing coloured powders at each other. It’s a National Geographic photographer’s wet dream.

First you buy your pigments:

Then your enemy approaches. Steel yourself.

know your enemy

The enemy opens fire.


The moment of impact:

Ker pow!

We return fire.

Take that.


Pink suits you.

And the rest pretty much writes itself. Shankar and Tarana share a moment:


Our masterful cinematographer Hari does his best zombie:


You know you sometimes see Swedish tennis fans made up in the national colours? I think India’s colours are way cooler.


Dagnammit, I used to think MY moustache was cool. Advantage Deepak.

Battle of the moustaches

And of course, once the fun’s over you need to hose yourself off, providing an entirely non-gratuitous opportunity to show starlets in wet t-shirts. The guy with tattoos is our exuberant costume designer Hitesh. More on him later.
Cleaning off

Later that day we watched the rough cut of Harry’s sex scene. They shot it in a Mumbai studio before I arrived. SENSATIONAL! Think the sex scene from Top Gun as performed by David Hasselhoff, in superslo-mo, with more gaudy chiffon than you could poke a stick at, and an indoor waterfall which mysteriously appears in the desert. Next up, a night at the (Hindi) movies.

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