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You’re probably thinking: for a blog about a film shoot, there’s been precious little mention of filming so far. In fact, I’ve been thinking the same thing. We goras (white people) were supposed to have started shooting some time ago, but the director wasn’t happy with our uniforms. We would go to a fitting, and the required alterations would be recorded. Then a few days later we’d go for another fitting; usually nothing had changed, but sometimes things got worse. Finally, after about five fittings, our costumes were a reasonable fit.

The film is called “The Flag”, and it goes like this: some British army officers visit an unspoiled Indian village to find recruits for the war, but when the recruits’ bodies start coming back wrapped in the union jack, things turn nasty. There are four British officers in total, played (fittingly) by three Australians (me, Harry and Glen) and a Swede (Marcus). Marcus asked me not to mention him in my blog, and asked for the address so he could check. Marcus says he once got into a “blog war” with someone who mentioned him in a blog. Hi Marcus!

Harry plays the evil commanding officer, who goes by the chilling name of Garry. I was miffed to find that my character, Simon, had no lines. But they improvise freely, so you never know. In an early draft of the screenplay, Simon molested a beautiful innocent village girl. But in later versions he only cuts her hair. What a gyp!

We’re not just in the tropics, we’re on one.tropic of cancer

The evil brothers finally in costume.


Harry and Glen do a readthrough.


This is trickier than you’d think:


The goats round these parts look funny.
weird goats

They act funny too. One of them tried to eat my pants.

goat nibbles

The camels are not quite as calm as the cows, but close.
me and camel

Is that the wall of a hut? Why no.


I’ve got a lot of lovely shots that I won’t be sharing yet, because the director Sajeev doesn’t want me to give away details of the film. So for now, only shots that don’t give you a clear idea of what’s going on. Next time featuring more people.

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