Master’s Degree Complete!

After many years I’ve finished my second master’s degree. This one was Harvard’s ALM in IT degree through the Extension School.  Overall I was pretty impressed with the quality of the program.  However, distance education isn’t for everyone.

Personally I think it is a lot harder to sit in front of a computer watching a lecture than attending a real live class with real live students.  Still there are significant benefits in not having to travel and had it not been for the distance education aspect, I probably would have gone to a local school instead of Harvard.

The biggest hang up I had in completing the degree was getting a thesis director.  My original thesis proposal was so out of date by the time I was assigned a director that I had to start over.  (Make sure you choose a topic that will be relevant even if it takes a year to locate an director for your thesis.)  The second thesis director took quite a while to locate as well.

In the end it took me 9 years to finish the degree.  About half of that was spent on the thesis with most of that time spent getting the proposal approved and an director assigned to me.  Of course life doesn’t stop and during those nine years I got married, had two kids, started a business, moved out of the country, moved back, bought three houses and sold two.

Being finished feels wonderful, but since I’ve been enrolled in some type of educational institution for about the past 30 years I feel an odd urge to start work on another program.

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